You’re gonna need some game watching’ fuel.

October 20th, 2015

Okay, so the Blue Jays play today and tomorrow in T.O., fighting for their playoff lives (bat flips await!) Thursday the ‘Nucks take on that lovable Russian Ovi and the ‘Caps in Washington, and the Seahawks try to salvage their season against the 9’ers … and then Saturday the ‘Nucks take on those pesky Wings, minus Babcock and his babsocks.

You’re gonna need some game watching’ fuel. Longwood head chef Shane Hagan is coming to the rescue. He’s got a new menu item full of sports watching protein, the Lean Lamb Burger. Served with red onions, marmalade, grated feta cheese, this sucker is definitely ready for consumption.

“I’m definitely fired up about this one,” says Hagan. “It’s got tons of flavour and goes great with any side. We’ve got some house made chips here, but I like mine with a light salad and our IPA.”

What more could you ask for? Time to get your lean lamb on, the chowing awaits.

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