What to do in the NHL off-season

July 24th, 2015

So there’s no hockey on TV. All your favourite NHL stars are out golfing, licking their wounds and getting ready for the upcoming season. While the summer season is filled with fun, it’s known as being the dead zone when it comes to viewing sports. However there are tons of other versions of hockey that can give your fix until the real action starts.

There’s ball hockey, which features national and international tournaments on a yearly basis. Current Vancouver Canuck Alex Burrows was well known as being a member of the Montreal Red Lite ball hockey team,  helping his squad win a handful of National Ball Hockey Championships before he landed an NHL contract.

What about field hockey? The Canadian men’s team trains in Vancouver and the sport is just as fast and fun to watch. Or there’s underwater hockey, yes you read that right, it takes place in a pool. Or maybe roller hockey, some four on four action with no blue line? Sledge hockey has also become popular as of late, gaining fame through the Paralympic Games.

We know nothing fills the void of real, true blue Canadian ice hockey, but we understand you need your fix before McDavid looks to become the next Crosby, Toews looks for his fourth cup and the Canucks look for anything remotely resembling a positive season. So try out some other type of hockey, maybe you’ll be surprised and find out you’re the next Wayne Gretzky of underwater pool hockey.

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