The Health Benefits of Beer

May 24th, 2015

Although we’re no doctors here, we do know that at times beer can get a bad name. However, if consumed responsibly and within proper moderation, it actually has many proven medical benefits. Beer has been known to help kidney function when consumed in small amounts, and helps reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Beer is high in fibre, which we all know is great for digestion. If drank as part of a healthy diet, the occasional beer has also been proven to help reduce cholesterol levels. Additionally, if you’re having trouble sleeping, two active ingredients in beer—lactoflavin and nicotinic acid—have both been associated with promoting healthy sleeping patterns.

Here at Longwood, nothing is more important to us than making sure our customers drink responsibly. Let’s not forget that aside from the fact that beer is awesome, it can also be a part of a healthy lifestyle if consumed responsibly, and not while driving or operating heavy machinery. We also don’t recommend conducting a symphony orchestra after a brewski or two, but we’d also kind of like to see that happen, it would be hilariously fun to watch.

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