Strolling in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter – An Elephant’s Story

May 18th, 2017

Back in the day, the thoroughfare of Nanaimo’s old downtown quarter was more than your typical bustling city center. Apparently, elephants strolled the streets of Nanaimo. It’s unknown what the elephant in the photo was up to, maybe he or she was finishing up some afternoon shopping with friends.

Fun fact – elephants are highly sophisticated beings.

Elephants express empathy, self-awareness, and playfulness. Elephants also show deep grief when mourning their dead. As an elephant passes a place where a loved one has died, she will stand very still, pausing for several moments and softly touch the remains. As family-oriented creatures, elephants are known to quickly respond to complaining baby elephants by patting them with a reassuring stroke of the trunk.

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