Showing off “Tom and Jerry”

October 13th, 2016

In the mid 1800s, it became apparent to the citizens of Nanaimo that the old “Bucket Brigades” was no longer adequate fire protection. With donated land and materials Nanaimo’s first fire station was erected corner of Wharf and Front Streets. Ironically this Fire hall was destroyed by fire in 1894. The new station, at the foot of Nicol Street, was officially opened December 15, 1893, which still stands today. John Parkin was appointed the first Fire Chief and two Firefighters were hired to drive the horses, “Tom and Jerry”. By the early 1960s, the fire station at Nicol Street was becoming too small and in 1967 the department was relocated to the new station on Milton Street. (From the collection of the Nanaimo Museum)

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