Nanaimo our History

April 1st, 2016

1941-1942, Nanaimo Clippers – in arena
A Winning Season for Nanaimo’s Home Team

Now a professional hockey club in the British Columbia Hockey League, the Nanaimo Clippers were once popular senior, intermediate and junior teams who competed in a variety of Canadian amateur leagues. This photo shows the 1941-1942 Nanaimo Clippers intermediate amateur team in their home arena during a banner year when they would go on to win the British Columbia Intermediate Championship for a second season in a row. In an interview with Nanaimo News Bulletin, Jack Prestley, a Clippers player from the 1940s, said hockey during this period was “‘a tough game’ back then,” when “‘you hit and you expected to be hit.’”  (from the collection of Nanaimo Museum)

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