Nanaimo, The Harbour City

September 28th, 2016

Once called Colviletown after Andrew Colvile, a former governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Nanaimo has always been a city of the sea. First explored by Europeans in 1791, with the discovery of coal in 1849 the shoreline was quickly transformed by wharves for transport. As Nanaimo expanded, architect George Deverill was commissioned to draft a town plan. This radical plan cemented Nanaimo’s existence as a true port town, with the harbour at the centre of industry, leading the traveller to the primary business district and towards the natural beauty of the harbour. This design also gave Nanaimo its second nickname, “Hub City”. To this day, Nanaimo still maintains a working harbour, but the shorelines have been transformed with time to accommodate the ever-changing face of both the economy and its residents.

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