March Trade Bait

February 20th, 2015

With the NHL Trade Deadline around the corner, we figured we’d have some fun here at Longwood Brewpub and compare our signature beers to trade bait for March 2:

Czech Pilsner (Jaromir Jagr of the New Jersey Devils): Like the beer, its been around for awhile but still has some Sazz hop to it. The Czech is durable, reliable, flexible, and of course, always a contender no matter where you play him.

Irish Red Ale (Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators): Thick, tough but always gets the job done. Classic old world ale; a classic hockey tough guy who gives you nothing but grit and heart every shift.

Berried Alive (Jordan Eberle of the Edmonton Oilers): Light and hoppy, it moves with ease but don’t call it fruity, because this youngster will snap the mesh before you can say “scorched earth rebuild”.

Steam Punk (Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs): Traditionally dark but surprisingly light bodied and crisp. Loves to run around the ice throwing huge hits while also playing himself perfectly out of position for an opposing team’s 2-on-1.

Extra Special Bitter (Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs): Well this one is kind of self-explanatory.

The Big One (Antoine Vermette of the Arizona Coyotes): This India Pale Ale is seen as the big fish in the deadline deal, with everyone salivating at the lips to give it a try. Medium body, flavours and aroma, fits nicely with pretty much any team.

Extra Ale (Cam Atkinson of the Columbus Blue Jackets): A blonde ale with low malt aroma, he’s easy and has a beautiful head of yellow hair to boot.

Stoutnik (Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals): We know this Russian Imperial Stout isn’t trade bait whatsoever, but who doesn’t love seeing the Great 8 back in fine form and lighting the lamp ready for another playoff run! Capitals-Penguins rematch anyone?

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