Celebrate Victoria Day

May 21st, 2016

Victoria Day is on Monday, May 23 this year, marking the unofficial start of the summer season.

Canadians have long joked whether the holiday is nicknamed “May Two-Four Day” because two-four is slang for a case of beer – which just so happens to contain 24 bottles – or because May 24, 1819 is Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Okay, it’s probably the second reason; nonetheless, the holiday happily kicks off the season for backyard barbecues and long lazy weekends spent at summer cottages. Looking for some fun ways to spend Victoria Day, also known as May Long Weekend?

Here are a few ideas:

Watch the fireworks display!

Enjoy the long three-day weekend at the Park

Go to the beaches or lakes and kick off your shoes for beach volleyball, canoeing, board paddling, or kayaking.

In the evening, stop in at Longwood Brew Pub and relax!

However you choose to celebrate this distinctive Canadian holiday, make the long three-day weekend one to remember. See you later spring!

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