Brewer’s Spotlight: the Beetnik Root Stout

May 4th, 2017

Looking for classic taste with a twist of local goodness? The brewers at Longwood have done it again, with a new beer made with an unexpected combination of ingredients that come together in perfect fashion. Introducing Longwood Brewery’s latest craft creation: the Beetnik Root Stout.

The Beetnik is a riff on the popular Stoutnik – an award-winning Russian Imperial Stout that has become a staple on the shelves at Longwood. Balancing bitterness with the roasted flavours of chocolate and black malts, all the elements of the traditional stout taste can be found the Beetnik, but with one unexpected twist: beets!

By adding beet mash to the fermentation process, the beer has a light sour flavour and subtle layer of sweetness. And as it’s brewed using real beets sourced from local farmers, the Beetnik has a unique taste that not only tastes great but is also something you can feel good about.

Beyond great flavours, the folks at Longwood Brewery have a passion for all things local. Vancouver Island is home to a fantastic farming community made of equally passionate individuals and some of the best tasting produce around. That’s why not only are the beets local, but so to are the barley and hops.

It’s these ingredients that continue to inspire our brewers to keep trying new recipes. And the end result? A delicious and satisfying flavour you can’t find anywhere else.

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