1905 – Nanaimo’s Police Force Resigns

August 17th, 2017

In 1905 Nanaimo was not a city in the grips of a crime wave. During the month of January only eight crimes where reported, ranging from carrying a concealed weapon to selling liquor to a minor. When the entire police force resigned over a verbal “neglect of duty” complaint. This charge may have resulting from a gambling incident but the acting police Chief Crossan refused to talk about the incident publicly.
After Nanaimo’s police force resigned Mayor Planta assumed that the resignation was voluntary and that the next course of action would be to advertise for a new police force. When a police force spokesman called for an investigation and to have the officers reinstated, Nanaimo’s Mayor was to say the least surprised.
Nanaimo’s police force was supposed to be filled by popular vote on February 28th, but at the last moment the commissioners decided to make the appointments, and Chief Crossan got his old job back. (From the Nanaimo Archives)

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